Frequently Asked Questions

• What is Herbalife?
Herbalife is a total wellness company offering high-quality nutrition, weight-management and personal-care products. A team of 1.8 million Herbalife Independent Distributors in more than 70 countries sells Herbalife products worldwide. Learn more About Herbalife.

• What is Direct Selling?
Direct selling is defined as, "The sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location." It is the selling model used to distribute Herbalife products. Today, many shoppers prefer the higher level of personalized care afforded by direct sales. Although direct selling has been around for thousands of years, and network marketing is over 50 years old, they are still being hailed as the wave of the future. This is because they combine a personalized approach and the power of free enterprise with the dynamics of people working together to help each other succeed. Herbalife has led the way for more than 28 years in direct-sales network marketing. For information on the Direct Selling Association, Click here.

• What makes Herbalife different from other companies?
Herbalife believes in simplifying good nutrition, making improved health, weight management and enhanced personal care easy to understand and available to everyone for a lifetime. Herbalife Independent Distributors can customize weight management programs just for you to make it easy to achieve your wellness goals. Plus, Herbalife is the only company with Cellular Nutrition technology for your maximum benefit. Learn more about our Products.

• Can Herbalife help me lose weight and keep it off?
Yes! For over 28 years Herbalife has helped millions of satisfied customers achieve their ideal weight and maintain it with our scientifically advanced weight-management programs. Herbalife offers both a calorie-controlled and a carbohydrate-controlled approach to weight management, helping you find the program that works best for you. Based on Cellular Nutrition, Herbalife's weight-management programs can help you feel better, have more energy and maintain a healthy weight for life. Learn more about Weight Management.

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